The knowledge about type A and type B tube light

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Is used fluorescent tube has been used with fluorescent lamp ballasts in the North American market, but now fluorescent lamp is slowly out of the market since LED lighting has been used wildly. If used type B tube , the electric circuit need to be refit and it will consume a lot of labor cost; but if used type A tube, we need to buy a new type B tube for replace, because of the limited life span of fluorescent tubes. So type A + type B tube is convenience for user to save labor cost, also replace directly when the ballast can be used; when the fluorescent lamp ballast end of life, just need to refit the electric circuit than the led tube still can be used and save the cost.

Q : For the manufacturer, is it has high cost to produce type A + type B tube?

A:The housing construction is similar so the cost variance depends on inside electric circuit and components, it will cost much than simply type A tube or type B. But most of factory is willing to produce because of its huge market potential.

Q: Why most of Type A tube need to be design for Instant Start ballast?

A: Firstly, the North American market most part of ballast is Instant Start for T8 tube; Secondly, when testing safe standard the energy efficiency will be include, and the ballast direct fit tube is only fit for type A tube with Instant Start ballast, when doing DLC test; Thirdly, the single end CFL tube for replaced can’t be approval from DLC; Fourthly, the T5 tube normally used with Rapid Start ballast, if T5 type A tube can used with Instant start ballast in the test, the DLC can be approval.

Q: Is that allowed only marking “type A” or “type B” on the type A + type B tube when there is a customer demand?

A: YES, if the customer need to be marking type A OR type B alone, it should be told to the engineer.

Q: What’s the difference? And can we proved less test sample than before?

A: Type B’s sample can prepare as usual, it part of tests is the same as before; type A’s test will base on need so the sample should be confirm with the engineer before test. The sample will be more than pure type A/type B’s.

Q: Listed mark for type A tube, Certification mark for type B + IFAR tube; which kind of mark is suitable for this new tube?

A:Certification Mark and Listed Mark need to be label on the tube.

Q: What we should notice when design the new type of led tube?

A:”RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK – RELAMPING” is not required in the type A tube testing, but also necessary for type B. Most type A tube is two end power input if the same electric circuit used on type B tube, it’s easy result in test failed about ”RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK – RELAMPING” . An important consideration that is “RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK - RELAMPING”.