Best LED Tube on the Market

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As one LED tube buyer or purchaser, you might be worried about how to identify best LED tube lights on the jumbled-up market since LED tube lights has become one common and popular LED product because of its widespread application in interior illumination. What is the best LED tube lights? How to select qualified tube lights for ypur business? There are three key points to keep in mind when you make your choice.

 Raw Materials Selection

High quality raw materials come first to assure LED tube quality. LED tube has three major parts: LEDs light source, LED driver and external kits(PC lens, housing, socket). A full analyses on LED tube lights raw materials will help you make your first choice. About LED tube raw materials selection please view Analyses on LED Tube Lamp Structural Components.

LED Tube Lights Processing Technology

This comes to LED tube supplier aspect. As purchaser and if you are looking for reliable supplier, this is a must to be taken into account. Good LED tube manufacturer adopts advanced production technology to improve capacity and quality control. Thus avoiding damage and quality problems in processing period. Information about LED tube processing procedures please view How to Make One LED Tube Light.

LED Tube Performance

Performance backs up all words. After the raw materials selection and tube lights supplier audit, testing is the last step. Good LED tube lights can stand severe tests and make good performance.The basic testing includes light and shock test, drop test, aging Test, constant temperature and humidity test, integrating sphere test,salt spraying,etc. And there are main quality indexes that qualify one best LED tube lights. Details please view Quality Indexes that Identify LED Tube Performance.