High-quality lights and expensive where?

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Compared to everyone to buy LED lights, the biggest purpose is to want energy-saving, LED lighting products, the power is very low, high luminous efficiency, but often overlooked a lot of things, such as the use of LED lights, poor quality lights, Energy saving should be short, but high-quality lamps can use tens of thousands of hours, this is the quality of the difference. But the price difference between the lamps so much where to go, in fact, is the heat and drive, lamp beads and so on. The price of imported lamps and lanterns is much higher than the domestic, imported light beads luminous efficiency is very high, basically 1W can reach 110-120LM above domestic low-quality lighting efficiency can only reach 60-90LM, the difference is very Large; the second is the drive power, high-quality drive power and general drive power supply price difference is not very large, but a product difference also has a few dollars gap; radiator above also a large extent to distinguish the price of lamps, High-quality lamps are used in the car above the high-grade high-quality aluminum, aluminum than ordinary or other materials on the price of several times.
So good quality, such as creating a high price of LED lamps.