Thailand LED lighting market prospects

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Thailand, in the Southeast Asian countries in the country, is one of the more developed countries, in addition to the demon market, LED lighting market and how? Fang Sheng lighting LED lights manufacturers and everyone to look at.

First of all, we first look at the Thai lighting products retail market, Thailand's lighting products market generally in large supermarkets, such as IKEA, IKEA lighting products, are basically LED lights, like LED bulb, LED ceiling lamp, LED downlights, etc., marked the brand for the IKEA (IKEA), but most of them are from China, LED lights prices and international market convergence, such as dimming LED bulb sold 499 Thai dollars, about 100 yuan, General LED bulb 199 Thai dollars, about 40 yuan.

Bangkok also has LED lighting stores, stores LED lights become more personalized, and the grade is relatively high, and provide in the simulation scene display, people feel very comfortable. And incandescent lamps have been rarely seen, the proportion of energy-saving lamps and LED lights duck high, LED lights prices slightly higher than the price of energy-saving lamps. From the current use of the point of view, LED lighting products in the indoor lighting in more applications, such as hotels in the more common, less outdoor applications, generally only for landscape lighting.
From the lighting market in Southeast Asia, the LED lighting market in Southeast Asia in 2014 was US $ 1.1 billion, reaching US $ 1.5 billion by 2015, with an annual growth rate of 36%. Thailand's LED lighting market reached US $ 330 million The next five years, the Thai government estimates that the annual growth rate of LED market will reach 30%, the entire market value from 900 million to 1 billion.

Therefore, in the long run, Thailand's LED lighting market prospects are very good, there are many domestic LED lamp manufacturers will be aimed at the Thai market, ready to share.