The Indian government will increase the use of LED bulbs

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India is a developing country, but also a lack of electricity, there are 250 million people living in the absence of electricity, so how to save power for India is still important. To this end, the Indian government announced that to allow more families to use LED bulbs, improve the lighting situation, in order to save power.

"If every unit of energy we save, we can light their families for the poor in our country, and I hope everyone will use LED bulbs." If there are 770 million bulbs in India, LED bulb, then it is estimated that one year down can save 1000 energy units. So you can save a lot of power and energy. And by the Indian government operating energy efficiency services company, said that in the absence of any amount of subsidies in the case, about 400,000 LED bulbs can be sold every day, is expected to be the second half of 2016 can be increased to 1 million per day sold Light bulbs, showing that this sales growth is still quite big.

The cost of LED lamp manufacturers to produce these LED bulbs, from 2014 to 310 rupees per day, down to today's each 73 rubles, reducing the cost of 75%, so that everyone can afford LED bulb. Plan to the end of 2018, a comprehensive switch to LED bulbs, save more power.