LED lights manufacturers teach you how to choose LED flat lights

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Now, LED lights prices gradually dropped to sweet spots, indoor LED lighting applications more and more common, and now more and more people in the home decoration are selected to use energy-saving environmental protection LED lamps, then, today, Fang Sheng lighting LED Lamp manufacturers to tell you about how to choose LED flat lights.

LED flat lights, also known as LED panel lights, LED flat light design light Pu, the atmosphere, beautiful and simple, looks very upscale, so the majority of consumers like, then we choose from which point of view?

1, see LED panel lamp power factor: the power factor of the level, you can see the drive power circuit design is good or bad, power factor is low, then the power circuit design is not good, in general, the export of LED flat lights, power factor Requirements to reach 0.85 or more, if the power factor is lower than 0.5, then the product failed, both shorten the life expectancy, power consumption than ordinary energy-saving lamps about twice as much, so consumers must pay attention when buying.

2, look at the LED panel lamp cooling conditions, that is, structure and materials, heat on the LED lights, it is very important, the same power factor LED lights and the same quality lamp beads, cooling conditions are not good, Large, which will directly reduce the life of LED flat lamp, cooling materials are generally copper, aluminum, PC, the market is generally used aluminum, the best insert aluminum, in fact, car aluminum, the worst is cast aluminum, plug The cooling effect of aluminum will be better.

3, to see the use of LED panel lights drive power: the life of the power relative to the lighting, it is much shorter, therefore, the power supply life will directly determine the life of LED flat lamp, lamp life of 5-10 million hours, And the life of the power supply in the 0.2-3 million hours, therefore, in the purchase, be sure to choose a certain good power drive, the proposed purchase of the appearance of the material for the aluminum alloy power supply is better, because the aluminum heat dissipation is better, and in Long distance moving is not easy to be damaged.

4, see LED flat light lamp beads quality: light beads quality determines the chip quality and packaging technology, and chip quality and determines the brightness and light of the lamp beads. Good lamp beads high brightness, light failure is also small.

5, see LED flat light effect: the same lamp bead power, the higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the brightness; the same lighting brightness, power consumption smaller, more energy.