Latest Streamlined UL Certification Process for SMD LED Tube Lamps

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It was reported currently that UL (underwriter Laboratory) has carried out the streamlined UL certification process for surface-mounted LED tube lamps, thus which was an easier way for LED tube manufacturers to achieve UL listing of LED tube lamps.

As LED lighting market is developing desperately rapidly in those years, LED lighting manufacturers are stepping up the pace to expand market. One of the significant issues for most LED lighting manufacturers is how to apply LED technology to existing luminaire designs to generate new LED products that can be popularly acceptable and accessible to different markets, However, it takes a long time\for LED lighting manufacturers to go through certification process for their products to meet different safety requirements in different countries. UL has proposed the streamlined approach to help manufacturers keep pace with the market development while still keeping high safety standards.

How to operate in this way? UL Classified LED Retrofit Conversion Kit provides the simple process. Via converting surface-mounted luminaire from traditional fluorescent light source technology to new LED light source technology, UL has eliminated the temperature test for finished LED product.

This approach to UL certification for SMD LED tube lamps offers a cost-and-time-effective solution to assist manufacturers to response to the rapid changes in LED lighting marketplace.