IES: Updates for LED Test Standards

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 Case Temperature

1.The separation projection method of TM-21 uses two case temperatures and interpolation data, which reduce the three case temperatures test burden on LED manufacturers.

2.IES decided that IES-80 should not define which case temperature shall be mandatorily tested.

3.Revised LM-80 uses the same language in Addendum A, stated that: “ At least one of the selected case temperatures shall be 55℃ or 85℃. These case temperatures are commonly used for industry testing to support direct product comparisons of testing results."

Test Duration

The important one is about the test duration specified in TM-21. Current version of LM-80 requires the minimum maintenance test duration of 6,000hrs in order to obtain sufficient test data for the long-term projection of TM-21. Experts have conducted numerous research and studies to shorten the test duration and measurement intervals. Findings indicated that projection time length is greatly dependent on the number of samples used for test. Studies show that test data collected in 6,000hrs offers a sufficient data certainty for the projection.