KL5LM New Cordless LED Mining Headlamp Miner Lamp With Strobe Light

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KL5LM New Cordless LED Mining Headlamp Miner Lamp With Strobe Light

This is a new wireless LED miner headlamp.

Waterproof and explosion-proof.

In any mode, hold down the switch for 2.5 seconds to turn on or turn off the positioning indicator (Strobe Light).

The indicator (Strobe Light) and the main light source can work simultaneously or separately.


Power Supply:Rechargeable Li-ion battery, the capacity is 5200mAh;

Light Source:it has two steps, High Light-Low Light, 5W high power LED;

Illumination angle:90 degrees adjustable;

Intelligent Charge Management:Overcharge and over discharge intelligent protection, extended battery and lamp's life;

Lighting time:High Light: continuous illumination more than 20 hours; Low Light: constinuous illiumination more than 30 hours.

Water-proof and Explosion-proof design and Safety;


This product is good for working in the dark. With its long continuous illumination and excellent energy saving, it is particularly suitable for coal mining, outdoor adventure, fishing, hunting, camping, auto repair and so on.

It is also suitable for industrial and agricultural production and outdoor mobile lighting.