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LED tube also known as LED light pipe, LED fluorescent tube, LED fluorescent lamp, the light source using LED as light body. The traditional fluorescent tube, also known as fluorescent lamps, lamps at both ends of a filament, the lamp filled with a trace of argon and thin mercury vapor, the lamp wall coated with phosphor, the two filament between the gas when the transmission of ultraviolet light, So that the phosphor emits visible light. Due to containing heavy metal pollutants "mercury", making the scrapped fluorescent tubes on the environment pollution is very serious. The LED lamp using light-emitting diode as a light source, higher luminous efficiency, more energy-efficient, longer life, and more environmentally friendly. Become the current stage instead of fluorescent tubes the best product. LED lamp and the traditional fluorescent lamp in the size of the same size, there are T5 lamp, T8 lamp, T10 lamp, the length of 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m.
LED lamp installation is very simple, the installation of the original fluorescent lamp removed on the LED lamp, and the ballast and starter removed, so that 220V AC power directly to the LED tube can be added at both ends.
LED lamp power saving up to 70% or more, life of more than 10 times the ordinary lamp (theoretically can reach more than 50,000 hours), almost maintenance-free, there is no need to constantly replace the lamp, ballast, starter Of the problem, about half a year down to save the cost can be exchanged for the cost. Green environment-friendly semiconductor light source, soft light, pure color, is conducive to people's vision protection and good health.